Ed #16 Digital Possibilities

Paper matters more than ever.

As it always has in offset printing, paper makes a big impact on digital print quality. In digital printing, it’s critically important to use the right product with the process and desired impression.

We have been a leader in digital papers since digital printing technology first emerged, with specialized expertise, dedicated production capacity and one of the broadest offering of digital-specific products in the industry.

Our products were designed specifically for digital printing. At the high end, there’s 96-bright, top-of-the-line Futura® digital coated papers, Sterling® Premium Digital™ and Sterling® Premium Digital™ for HP Indigo with 94-bright optics, premium surface quality and budget-friendly pricing.

We offer Productolith Pts. Digital® for heavier-weight packaging and direct mail. Blazer Digital® is the economy digital coated paper of choice. And award-winning TrueJet® is a specialized line of digital coated papers for production inkjet presses that not only optimizes quality but also is designed to deliver significant savings in ink costs. All, from Futura to TrueJet, with multiple-OEM certified performance.

With specialized expertise, dedicated production capacity and a leader’s product breadth, we know digital print.

Paper matters to printers, too. Many seek to improve pricing by using conventional offset stock for digital print projects. It’s a short-sighted strategy. Paper not created specifically for digital presses is harder on the equipment, increasing down time and waste, negatively impacting productivity as well as quality.

Find the Perfect Paper

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