Ed #16 Digital Possibilities

Print lives!

With continuously advancing digital print technologies, print is far from dead. Increasingly, what’s going the way of the dinosaur is poorly conceived and designed print. Print produced with little consideration for whom it’s targeting and consequently offers little relevance to the person who receives it.

Print continues to change and evolve in a digital, multimedia world. And as print has developed the ability to connect to online media, it has never lost its ability to connect with people. As Ed #15 points out, print is the original interactive medium.

For the average person, every day is an onslaught of marketing messages. It’s constant noise, and anything that penetrates that noise has value. In a world now dominated by screens, print means persistence. It’s the reason marketing collateral and direct mail have not disappeared as so many have predicted—as people get bombarded more and more by electronic communication, print begins to stand out again.

Print’s visual power stands out even more as people are bombarded with increasing amounts of electronic communications.

Which is why it’s more about impact and quality than ever. Bad printing on low-quality paper gets recycled without reading. Ugly look and feel? Forget it. Poorly written, cliché-ridden, copy dense? Not reading it. I’m too busy.

Things that have visual power, things that strike an emotional chord, things that speak to the individual, that know something important about the individual besides his or her first name—these are what cut through the clutter. These get read, and kept, and acted upon.

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