Ed #16 Digital Possibilities

The future is here. Right now.

The future of digital printing is happening as you read this. Processes, technologies and equipment are improving constantly, with new products launching in ever-shortening cycles, driving increasing speed and quality at lower cost. It will continue to get easier, faster and more economical to realize all the benefits of digital printing.

As the economics for digital printing in larger runs improve, digital printing will begin to take more and more market share from offset printing. And as highly sophisticated data analytics become more a part of the equation, there’s a high likelihood that it will take mass customization beyond the tipping point.

Open your mind. Talk to your printer. Articulate your objectives. Ask how digital print can help meet them. That’s how innovation happens.

In addition, finishing techniques continue to advance in digital print media. Increasingly, the impact enhancing effects you’re used to seeing in the offset world can be accomplished in digital printing—folds through ink coverage. Embossing. Coatings, and more.

In short, the possibilities are huge. Open your mind. Ask questions. Articulate your objectives. Push for new ideas. Be persistent, and don’t take no for an answer. Challenge your suppliers to apply their expertise to get the results you want.

Today and in the near future, if you dream it, chances are that digital print can do it.

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