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Marketing has become a conversation, and print is still vital to reaching key audiences to have that conversation.

With the advancement of printing technology, data mining and explosion of social media—Facebook, Twitter and countless other online communities and communications—marketers are discovering that they can have a conversation with their customers. And to succeed, they must make it a great one. An ongoing one.

No doubt about it, social media is here to stay. Businesses large and small are getting on Facebook. They’re Twittering. They’re blogging. They’re talking to customers and finding out—in real time—what they think. And, even more important, customers are talking to each other.

These conversations provide deeper and better information about buyers. Increasingly sophisticated data mining technologies are enabling unprecedented levels of customer insights, segmenting and targeting.

And guess what? Printed communication is as important as ever. New software and variable data printing technologies are leveraging enhanced customer information, enabling printed materials to speak directly to each individual. At the same time, many of the same visionaries who are leading the way into social media are realizing that print is still key to large-scale customer engagement—specifically, reaching a broader age and income demographic, people who do not use the computer or other electronic devices to access information.

Today it’s all about the mix. Social media, the Web page, email, smartphones and, yes, print—are all part of a great conversation.

Ed™ is going to tell you about it.

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