Ed #14 Getting Personal

Social and digital media go to school

Major universities are offering courses in social and digital media. Corporations are sending their people to executive education programs on interactive technology. Says Sarah “Intellagirl” Smith-Robbins, Senior Director of Emerging Technologies, Kelley Executive Partners, Indiana University, “Social media is not a choice now. It’s more how you do it, and if you do it right, it will enhance your corporate image.”

Advice from Intellagirl: “Remember that companies are groups of people. Companies don’t talk. People do. If you Twitter, empower your people to talk. Give them guidelines, but allow them to be individuals. And in all social media strategies, don’t commit to a conversation you’re not prepared to maintain.”

As to educational media, Robbins says, “What’s changed is there are many more choices now. Instead of CD-ROMs, more traditional textbooks are coming with QR codes, that can take students instantly from a paper page to interactive content such as augmented reality technology that can show how a heart pumps in 3-D video.”

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