Ed #15 Interactive Print


Paper is the original interactive communication medium. And it keeps getting better, finding new ways to connect, not just to your audience, but also to other media.

Printed communication is more vital than ever. It’s vibrant, highly effective, reaching millions and selling billions.

With immediate accessibility, three dimensionality, touch and texture, print is a perfect outlet for creativity. It’s a communication medium used extensively (and successfully) by today’s leading marketers to create real stopping power—upping both attention and retention, two keys to driving results. Ed has real numbers to support it.

Just as important, print is always coming up with new ways—including QR codes, short-message service (SMS) technology, video-in-print and browser apps like Layar—to team up with digital media to convert readers into active shoppers and buyers. In Ed #15, you’ll learn about the ever-expanding ways paper is interacting with readers and other media to get the word out.

These are times of rapid change. Exciting times. Much has changed, but one thing hasn’t: Nothing succeeds like a great idea. As always, Ed’s here to present a few.

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