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Stop or go?

So when do you stop the presses to fix problems? When should you risk the schedule and budget? Some cases are pretty clear—when the CEO’s name is misspelled, for example. And for that matter, any typos reflect badly on you and your client.

Other cases aren’t so easy, especially when it involves more subjective issues like color. Almost always, you’re going to see something that you wish you had done differently, but it may not be worth trying to fix, and if the problem was one that could have been spotted at the proofing stage, you’re likely to have to pay to correct it. Keep in mind that fixating on a single detail or the look of a color in a specific image can throw off the rest of the project.

There are two more things to remember as well.

Just because the press OK is finished doesn’t mean the job is over. Often, there is still folding, binding and other finishing to consider—steps which can have as large an impact on schedules and budgets as the printing itself. No project is really complete until the client receives all of the copies he or she asked for, is satisfied with the results, and pays the final invoice. Only then is the job truly OK.

And remember too that the foundation of printing is paper.  Whether it’s produced digitally or on an offset press, printing works by bouncing light off the surface of the paper through the colored films of transparent ink or toner.  So the brighter the surface, the brighter the color, and the whiter the surface, the wider the range of the color we see.

There’s more to paper than brightness and whiteness, however. The surface of the paper is equally important. Rougher surfaces tend to scatter the reflected light, which reduces the clarity of the image. And if the ink or toner is allowed to spread into the paper’s peaks and valleys, the printed dots lose their definition. 

From Centura® to Futura Laser®, NewPage makes the right paper for virtually every digital and offset printing project. We combine optimal brightness and whiteness with a smooth surface that allows for outstanding ink holdout and vibrant true to life color. Contact your Verso representative for more information or visit www.VersoCo.com.

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