Ed #7 Retouching

Touching on Paper

Applied honestly, creatively and skillfully, retouching can enhance the quality and impact of many print projects. But quality printing begins with trusted coated papers, such as our gloss, dull and matte papers showcased in the Ed books. That’s because the hard, nonporous surface of coated paper holds inks, varnishes and films on the top of the paper, without them absorbing into the surface of uncoated stocks. The smoother the finish, the better the quality. Simple.

You can find the right kind of coated paper for practically every project, and different coated paper finishes help you achieve different effects. Gloss allows you to print highly reflective art, such as photography, with wonderful clarity and sharpness of detail, and it also provides the brightest reflective light source for foil coatings. Dull combines lower light reflection with better readability and uniform print and surface smoothness. New, glare-free, easy-to-read, matte has a rich, tactile feel that can help show high-gloss spot varnishes and foils to advantage, and works well with embossing. Contact your Verso representative for more information or visit www.VersoCo.com.

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