Blurb: Your own book, your way.

As digital printing has entered the mainstream, self publishing has exploded, thanks in part to companies like Blurb, Inc. Since Blurb ( was founded in 2006, the company has helped over two million authors publish more than eight million “bookstore quality” books. Blurb has changed the question in digital printing and self publishing from “Can I publish my own book?” to “What kind of book do I want to publish?”

Hardcover with a dust jacket, or a hardcover imagewrap, or softcover. A variety of size options. Image or graphic dominated, or text dominated. A beautiful one-off keepsake from a vacation, or a book you publish and sell through, or a business book to be shared with customers or clients. You can also produce an ebook, with rich media added for video or audio content. The possibilities are endless.

“Print has become special again. It is becoming a conscious choice to buy a book or magazine in either print or electronic form,” says Brenda VanCamp, chief marketing officer at Blurb. “In fact, some people are starting to buy both—a paper copy of a book or magazine for reading at home—and to keep—and an electronic copy to read on the move.” Which fits perfectly into what Blurb provides.

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