SRAM: A powerful story, committed to memory through print.

SRAM designs high-performance bicycle components and systems, but Tom Zurawski, the company’s brand communications manager, sees something more. “We enable stories,” he says. “What we make is just carbon fiber and metal until it goes on a bike and someone rides it. Then it becomes part of the story the rider creates.”

Case in point: “All for One,” a multimedia campaign that promotes SRAM’s highly versatile new X01 drive train through the story of friends discovering a remote area of British Columbia together.

A big part of the storytelling is a beautiful digitally printed book with a cover sleeve that folds out into a 22”×29” offset-printed poster. “We couldn’t have done this book without digital printing’s capabilities,” Tom says. “The quantity was only 300. It’s 60 pages. We hand-folded all the posters. And I like the fact that with digital, you get the color where you want it, and what you see on the proof is what gets produced. No press check.”

Why print? “What you see on a screen oftentimes doesn’t leave a lasting impression,” observes Tom. “Print has permanence. When it’s special, you keep the piece. It becomes part of who you are. Just like a great story.”

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