The University of Chicago Medicine Orthopaedics: Bringing the message close to home.

The Orthopaedics Center at the University of Chicago Medicine wanted to increase visibility and new patient visits for the orthopaedics practice in its Matteson, Illinois, location. The message: You don’t have to drive to Chicago for adult or children’s orthopaedics—world-class care is right here, close by.

UC marketers had purchased a highly targeted list that merged financial, location and active-lifestyle demographics but were open to anything that might increase campaign effectiveness. Printer Rider Dickerson teamed with German personalized map and geodata provider LOCR to offer a solution: a personalized map in each digitally printed mailer showed each recipient exactly where the facility is relative to his or her home with a route line; tailored headline and copy provided the distance in minutes.

The results were gratifying. “We did an initial mailing in October of 2013,” says Crystal Senesec, marketing manager for the University of Chicago Medicine. “During the month of December, we saw a 43% jump in new patient visits compared with December the previous year, which we can attribute to the campaign. The clinic also saw increased web activity and call volume during that period, although that’s more difficult to tie to the orthopaedics mailing. We’re very pleased.”

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