What’s a wind credit?

A wind credit is one of a broader group of tradable environmental commodities called renewable energy credits, or RECs, also known as renewable energy certificates. Producers of renewable power can sell RECs in addition to the power itself to generate revenue. Since the actual electricity from a windmill is untraceable after it enters the power grid, the RECs are used as a means of commerce and trade.

In some states, electric companies are required to supply a certain percent of power from renewable sources, and one way to comply is to purchase RECs. For non-utility companies and individuals, buying RECs represents an opportunity to support renewable energy projects and reduce or balance the environmental impact of their electricity use.

RECs are available in a variety of forms. In fact, some providers offer individuals the ability to purchase certified wind RECs for a low monthly payment, directly supporting wind farm growth. If that sounds good and you want to know more, your NewPage representative can help.

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