Personalized printing makes move-ins simpler at Loyola University Chicago.

Two campuses in a congested urban area. 19 residence halls. 4,100 students, all moving in during the span of a week and a half. Nightmare? Not at all.

A variable-data-printed, 12-page, passport-sized move-in manual takes a lot of the pain out of the process for everyone, from students and parents to school officials. Nearly every page is customized to the individual student—name, room assignment, move-in date and time, roommate information, residence hall-specific move-in details and map, move-in/parking pass—and presented in a simple, easy to read, attractive format.

The smaller size stands apart from other materials, is easier to keep and carry, and tends to get lost less often. The highly customized nature of the booklet contributes to a warm sense of welcome and, just as important, order.

Variable data printing technology allows the school to merge multiple fields, including the housing, student and sign-in slot databases, to create a useful tool, a high-quality impression—and, with a little luck, a great experience to start the year at Loyola.

Ed #14 Getting Personal