Variable data printing motivates millions to save energy, one home at a time.

A company called OPOWER is helping utilities achieve big energy savings by motivating their customers to make simple changes in how they live.

Central to OPOWER’s solution: the Home Energy Report, an individualized monthly summary that allows utilities to brand and present energy consumption information graphically to customers in comparison with peer households, along with simple suggestions for improvement. Studies have shown that establishing a norm and showing how an individual compares drives lasting behavioral change more effectively than any other motivation, including economic or environmental benefit.

The OPOWER platform reaches customers through all channels, including telephone, Web and, increasingly, in-home Smart Grid displays. Print is the primary medium because it reaches everyone, regardless of age, income or access to technology.

Variable data printing technology provides individualized information and insights to millions. And between 80 and 90 percent of them respond with energy-saving action, which is projected to drive total energy savings in excess of 300 GWh hours by the end of 2010, more than one-third the amount of energy generated by the entire solar power industry.

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