No Cover

Self-mailers, which are designed to be mailed without requiring an envelope, are popular for a variety of uses, including statements, order forms, advertising and small catalogs. Because they do not require an envelope, they are less expensive to design and produce and require less handling than conventional mailings.

Self-mailers can take a variety of forms, from a single sheet of paper folded in half to multipage mailings that feature tear-off coupons, inserts, order forms and even return envelopes. Many are designed using V-fold, Z-fold or C-fold configurations, depending on how much copy is included and where it needs to be located.

To meet USPS standards, self-mailers must be sealed in a way that allows them to be processed using the postal service’s automated equipment. Depending on their size and configuration the mailers are sealed with glue, pressure sensitive tape, address labels or wafer seals, which must be placed according to USPS guidelines.

Ed #12 Standards