Digital printing has grown up. No longer an awkward little brother to offset printing, digital printing is now a confident young adult in its own right, getting better every day, with nothing but bright potential ahead. Yes, digital printing has caught up to your creativity. Ed’s back to make sure you’re caught up with digital printing’s capabilities.

Remember Ed #8? Digital Variables? Published a short six years ago, it was a primer on the exciting potential of digital printing. It was still an emerging technology then, and Ed showed you the state of the art at the time—decent quality, the ability to personalize to your audience, a technology with real possibilities.

And it was positively primitive compared to what’s being produced in digital printing today.

To put it simply, digital printing has caught up to your creativity and quality expectations. And like so many technologies today, its capabilities are advancing in shorter and shorter cycles every day.

The best digital print quality is now virtually indistinguishable from high-end offset. Equipment productivity and speed continues to improve overall economics. With new print techniques like metallic inks, varnishes, embossed-like dimensionality, ultraviolet ink (look at Ed #16 cover under a UV light to see his tattoo) and more, digital printing is winning over even the biggest skeptics. And with the convergence of data, GPS and other technologies, the realm of possibility has exploded for targeted, highly personalized print strategies.

OEMs like HP, Kodak, Xerox, Konica Minolta and a host of others are investing aggressively to offer the next big thing in toner-based and inkjet technologies. Why? Because they know what Ed® knows—when it comes to reaching and motivating an audience, print works. And when smart technologies meet smart marketers and designers, print works even better than ever. Read on.